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Beaverton Schools


Scholls Heights was named by the Beaverton School Board on March 8, 1999. The school opened on September 7, 1999. Part of our school's name, "Scholls" was selected because of the geographical and historical significance of Peter Scholl. Peter was born in Kentucky. He was a great-nephew of the famous Daniel Boone, "the hunter of Kentucky." Peter and his wife Elizabeth had six children. In 1847 Peter Scholl and his family, with a few friends and neighbors travelled across the desert plains to the far-distant Territory of Oregon. His journey was with an ox team plodding through dust and heat, climbing mountains and swimming rivers. The trip took over six months and ended in Oregon City. He later moved to the Milwaukie area. Since there were no laws regarding land in those days, Clackamas county organized an association for the benefit and protection of land claimants and to help settle disputes. Peter Scholl was one of the first members of this association. In 1848 Peter Scholl moved to Washington County and located on the Tualatin River, about ten miles southeast of Hillsboro. He established a ferry across the river, which he operated for many years and afterwards built a toll bridge. In 1870 he sold out at Scholl's Ferry and went to Portland where he resided up to the time of his death in 1872.

Peter Scholl was a man endowed by nature with a strong and vigorous intellect, combined with a great deal of energy and ambition.  He was very simple and unassuming in his manners and customs, he involuntarily won the respect and esteem of all with whom he came in contact. Today there are many areas, landmarks, roads, businesses and buildings which have "Scholls" as part of their name. The main street closest to the school, Scholls Ferry is an example of this. 

The "Heights" part of our school name was selected partly because the school was built on a hill with a nice view of most of our attendance area. In addition, the School Board liked the word because it symbolized students working to reach new heights. 

The school opened on September 7, 1999. Our enrollment for the first year was 560 students. Our school is sited on an 8.7 acre lot. It is a two-story floor plan with 68,498 square feet. Inside, the school consists of four three-classroom pods and two four-classroom pods. All classroom pods include a shared common area. There are also two self-contained classrooms. Since the year 2000, there have been four portable classrooms added to accommodate our enrollment increases.